h e l l o . nice to meet you.


Thank you for stopping by my blog! The beautiful province of British Columbia is where I call home and you could say that I am a Vancouverite. Most Canadians don’t know how we live through the rainy winters – I think it’s the dry summers, living 3 blocks from the Pacific Ocean, and having the North Shore as our playground.

Small details, fashion, photography, and constantly staying creative are a few my passions. I launched my Etsy store in April of 2012 where you can find pretty adornments to spoil yourself!

I snowboard, run, take photos and am a hopeless romantic while working in digital marketing. I’ve worked in brand marketing with two, global, action sport and lifestyle brands in this beautiful city and recently completed the Digital Communications program at Simon Fraser University. Currently, I am part of a dynamic community management and digital marketing team at an award winning, digital and design agency. My passions are my skill set and bringing ideas alive online and socially for clients is what excites me.

You can also get the daily play-by-play by following me (sarahscollective) on Instagram or (sarahacameron) on Twitter

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